[Official Images] Shokugan Modeling Project GaoIcarus + GaoLion & GaoElephant Set

Recently, Bandai Candy officially revealed the next two Shokugan Modeling Project Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger releases. Now, as expected the first set revealed pertains to the Gaorangers‘ third Power Animal combination in GaoIcarus. Whereas, the second set is for the larger GaoLion, which is used for the GaoKentaurus formation, alongside the basic GaoElephant. Surprisingly, SMP Hyakujuu Gattai GaoIcarus is a retail release, while the SMP GaoLion & GaoElephant set is Premium Bandai exclusive. Also, Bandai has confirmed that both Shokugan Modeling Project products are scheduled to release this Summer, sometime in…

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Comics News: ARMORCLADS Prologue Announced at Valiant

Image of woman, man, and masked figured standing in front of a planet. The words Armor Clads Prologue is there as well along with the Valiant Comics logo

Happy Thursday heroes! We have the press release for the upcoming Digital Exclusive comic ARMORCLADS Prologue which is set to bring to life an all new side of the Valiant Universe. Fans of mecha anime and sci-fi should be on the watch for this series. That said, check out the press release down below for all the details. March 16th, 2022 – Discover the beginnings of an inspiring legacy. The dawn of an all new-corner of the Valiant Universe filled with epic mechs and sprawling worlds arrives with the ARMORCLADS…

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