Aya Hisakawa Succeeds Hiromi Tsuru as Dragon Ball’s Bulma

Toei Animation has revealed that Aya Hisakawa will be taking over as the voice actress for Dragon Ball’s Bulma. She will be taking over the mantle after the passing of Hiromi Tsuru, who passed away on November 16 last year. For those who are unaware, Tsuru was the main voice of Bulma as far back as the original Dragon Ball series. It is has been revealed that Tsuru recorded her lines up to the 128th episode of Dragon Ball Super, which will air on Sunday, February 18. Hisakawa is currently set to voice the character in all future Dragon Ball related productions.


Hisakawa is known for voicing Chiko, who was a character that appeared in the 16th episode of Dragon Ball Z. She is also known for voicing Ami Mizuno/ Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon, Card Captor’s Kerberos, Beyblade’s Rei Kon and various other anime characters. Tokusatsu fans will also recognize Aya Hisakawa for provide her voice to Ressha Sentai Toqger’s Madame Noir.


Source: ANN, Comic Natalie

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