Ben Watches: Steven Universe

So to start this one off, I am nowhere near caught up with Steven Universe. I’m still on season one which has been enjoyable so far. The last episode I remember watching was the Lapis Lazuli two parter and that was fantastic. One of the things I love most about this show is the color choices. I know during the Lapis two parter, I was impressed by the coloring used for the water along with the space scene towards the end of the second episode. I thought it was simply beautiful and shows one of the many strengths being an animated series has compared to using live-action.


I know when I first started watching this series. I was worried that I would go into it with high expectations. Given the Steven Universe fandom at times, I know watching the pilot along with a few of those episodes after. I wasn’t really into the show and it’s not to say it was bad or anything like that but it didn’t click with me just yet. I think it was around Steven’s Lion where the show slowly started to gain my interest as a whole. After that Giant Woman pulled me in with the talk about the Gems fusing. One thing I feel Steven Universe has done a great job of is putting hints here and there when it comes to their world building. Like they don’t tell us everything about the Gems or why they’re with Steven. You know we get these little bits and pieces of information and I feel it’s up to us viewers to speculate or put it together and I enjoy that as a viewer.  A show that treats it’s audience with respect and I’m hopeful more kids animated shows will do that in the future.


My final thoughts on Steven Universe so far is that I’m enjoying it. I want to see where this story of Steven and the Crystal Gems goes. I’ve heard nothing but great things but I’m keeping my expectations at a reasonable level. So for those wondering whether to get into this show or not. I highly recommend checking it out when you get a chance too. I know when people shove me into watching a show. I tend to enjoy it less but when I’m doing it on my own time, my enjoyment levels are pretty high. Also, I’ll link my thread of my Steven Universe live tweets down below. That way you can keep up with my rapid thoughts rather than having to read something with 500 words or less. Anyway, I’m XBen3000 and thanks for reading.

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