Beyblade Burst Chōzetsu Anime Series Announced

TV Tokyo has announced the details for the next season of Beyblade Burst. The next season will be titled, Beyblade Burst Chōzetsu,” and is set to premiere in Japan in April.

Those who haven’t been following the series, the first season of Beyblade Burst debuted in Japan in April 2016. The second season of the anime titled, “Beyblade Burst God (or Beyblade Burst Evolution in the Dub),” debuted in April 2017.

The Dub for the series debuted on Teletoon in September 2016 and later aired on Disney XD in December of the same year in the US.  Daisuki is currently streaming the series with English subtitles and some of English dub episodes are both available on Disney XD’s website as well as the official Beyblade Burst Youtube channel.

Currently no other details are confirmed at this time so stay tuned for updates.

Source: ANN, TV Tokyo

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