Bloodshot #7 Fully Loaded Edition Preview

Happy Sunday heroes! Today, we have a preview for the upcoming issue of Bloodshot #7 Fully Loaded Edition. Now, it should be noted that the fully loaded edition comes with 8 pages of exclusive content. Also, it comes with commentary from Bloodshot co-creator Kevin Vanhook. So, check out the summary and preview pages down below for all the information fans may require. Furthermore, this issue is set to come out August 12th, so fans check local comic book shops soon.

The secret weapon(s) of Black Bar revealed! How far will Bloodshot and Eidolon go to stop a new kind of army… and will they even get the chance to try before their enemies catch up? This new arc is the perfect jumping-on point to Bloodshot’s story, while also continuing the fast-paced and thrilling storyline that BLOODSHOT writer TIM SEELEY has been crafting since the debut issue. Plus, the FULLY LOADED EDITION includes 8 pages of new exclusive content, and commentary by Bloodshot co-creator KEVIN VANHOOK!

As always let us know what you think of the preview pages down below, and again this is the perfect jumping on point for new readers who want to read Bloodshot. So, do not wait for the next go around to pick up this series. Anyways, I’m still Benodinson and I’m out of here.


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