Jill Scott to Play Lady Eve in Black Lightning

In some casting news, I don’t think anyone would have called. Jill Scott will be coming to the upcoming Black Lightning series. She will be playing none other than Lady Eve. To quote show-runner and executive producer Salim Akil on the artist joining the show.

““Jill is an amazing artist who can embody any character and give them an authentic voice that is both nuanced and richly complex,” showrunner and executive producer Salim Akil said. “I am excited to see her in the role of Lady Eve”

Fellow comic fans, I can’t remember the last thing Lady Eve was in. I know she was apart of the Kobra organization but in terms of her being the current comics. I can’t recall her last appearance, it may have been pre-new 52. Like always let us know what you think down below. Stick with hero-club for all the NYCC news you care about. I’m still XBen3000 and I’m out!

Source: Superhero Hype

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