Choujuu Sentai Liveman – Super Minipla Live Boxer Review

Joining the Super Minipla line is Live Boxer, the secondary mecha from Choujuu Sentai Liveman! Live Boxer consists of Bison Liner and Sai Fire and can also combine with the previously released Super Minipla Live Robo to become Super Live Robo. In the Liveman series, Bison Liner and Sai Fire were designed and built by Tetsuya Yano and Junichi Aikawa, who would later become Black Bison and Green Sai, in order to fight the evil forces of Volt. The two vehicles can perform Boxer Dimension to become the mighty Live Boxer! The Super Minipla version of Live Boxer is based upon the original 1988 Deluxe toy but now features a greater level of articulation and is made into a smaller scale. This kit, unlike Live Robo, was released only via Premium Bandai’s web store. Two production runs were made in March and April of 2018. The kit originally was priced at 4860 yen. Now let’s take a look at this kit in all its glory and see how the final product turned out.

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