Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands Review

This will be a spoiler-free review of Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands. So no need to worry about spoilers in this particular review.

Alright, so we’re introduced to Black Lightning stopping a few criminals who call themselves “The Weathermen”. I have to say it’s interesting seeing Tony Isabella writing this character once again. I haven’t really read that much Black Lightning in terms of comics. I know he’s had a miniseries here and there during the New 52 but I wasn’t inclined to pick them up. Hearing Tony was going to be writing this character again I was interested. This time around Tony has really pulled from current events. Dealing with police and how they’re towards African-Americans. So I appreciated him reflecting what’s going on now in Black Lightning since it would make sense to see it in his series and hopefully other series will take a chance and do more commentary on what’s going on now instead of playing it safe.

Also in this issue, we get to see Tobias Whale and man I think Tony was right when he said this would be a more vicious take on the character because what he does in this issue really sets the standard for what we can expect in the future of this mini-series. I’m hoping Whale is used more not just in Black Lightning but in different series as well. He’s very much the DC Comics Kingpin when I think of someone who has that sort of figure and reputation. So I’m hoping we really get to see him and Black Lightning fight down the line.

Clayton Henry is doing the artwork for this series and it’s good. This is my first time seeing some of his work and he really captures facial expressions throughout this issue along with the action.  Like say Black Lightning is doing something heroic, Clayton has a way of capturing it. Add on Pete Pantazis color-pallette and you have a solid combination for this mini-series.  It was nice seeing another shade of brown in the series. I know that sounds weird to say but usually, comics just have light brown African-American featured. So it was cool to see one more person with a different skin tone.

Overall, I really enjoyed the first issue. I want this to do well enough for another mini-series down the line. Not saying I wouldn’t be interested in an ongoing series but I feel mini-series gives the creative team a chance to really tell a good story. Something comics fans constantly complain about but when they finally get it. It’s like they don’t want it for some reason. I don’t know, comic fans I feel don’t know what they want at times.

That said, pick up Black Lightning, really solid start to what I feel is going to be a good run for the character. If I had to give it a rating, it would be a 4 out of 5. Until the next review, I’m XBen3000 and I’m out!

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