Comic Review: Champions of Earth #1

The following is a review of Champions of Earth #1

Comic Credits
Written and created by Alexander Banchitta & James Riccardo
Art by Koko Amboro
Toning by Scott Shriver
Lettering by Fred C Stresing
Cover Art by Jerry Gaylord (Pencils), Scott Shriver (Inks), Gabe Pinto (Colors)


Champions of Earth is a book I knew nothing about, and found myself enjoying this first issue. I have to start off and say the book has some strong language, so if one does not want their kids reading a comic book with profanity then I recommend looking elsewhere. If one is of age however, pick up this book when the opportunity rises. I think what surprised me the most was the backstory of both heroes in this issue.


We have The Scarab, and Jupiter Man as our protagonists. I honestly thought this would go in a different direction when we learn of their origin stories, but no it goes even further! I makes me appreciate the story even more. I guess without spoiling too much, readers may feel conflicted with Scarab and Jupiter Man once they learn about how our heroes got their powers; Scarab’s specifically, because after reading that I am unsure about him along with Jupiter Man being the heroes of this story. However, I am guessing as time goes on readers will get to see them become the heroes they should be for the Earth.


What took me by surprise is what is hinted at during this issue. I do not want to spoil that for the people reading this review, but it is a solid twist that I did not see coming; especially with the context and that is all I will say on that end. In terms of art, Koko Amboro does a fantastic job with everyone looking the part. Add Scott Shriver toning the characters, I really felt this world was fully realized visually. The lettering is done by Fred C Stressing and the cover art by Jerry Gaylord, Scott Shriver, and Gabe Pinto. I am looking forward to seeing what other books this specific art team will do in the future. The way they organized the panels I feel like I readers will not be confused as to the flow of the issue.


Final thoughts, I am looking forward to seeing what this book will do down the line. The setup is definitely there for a good series. Especially if the thing that was hinted at will come to full fruition. Overall, I recommend checking this issue out when one gets a chance too.


Final Grade: 4 out of 5! One can click here and they will be linked to the Comixology Page for this series.


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