Comic Review: Jessica Jones: Blind Spot Part 1

Comic Credits

Writer: Kelly Thompson
Mattia De Lulis
VC’s Cory Petit
Martin Simmonds
Graphic Designer:
Carlos Lao
Alanna Smith
Executive Editor:
Tom Brevoort
Editor In Chief:
C.B Cebulski
Chief Creative Officer:
Joe Quesada
Dan Buckley
Executive Producer:
Alan Fine


This review is on the new Jessica Jones title, that is a digital series which contains two issues instead of just one. This is a new format Marvel Comics is producing where buyers will get two issues with each release. Once the first arc is done the trade will come out sooner than later. By sooner I mean in October which is a fast turn around for the book. Meanwhile the digital series will go on a small hiatus before picking itself back up again. This reminds me of a Netflix series, but in the best way possible and I am hoping this works in the long run.


With those thoughts out of the way, let’s talk Jessica Jones Blind Spot. Right off the bat, I love seeing Jessica and Luke together with their child Dani. I will always smile at those type of moments when I get to see character being happy before things go sideways. Continuing from there, I love the way Jessica Jones is written. Something about her internal monologue just flows so well and I have to give credit to Kelly Thompson for that.


This is my first time seeing Mattia De Lulis artwork and it is beautiful. One thing De Lulis does, is he has a panel that is from Jessica point of view and he puts these grey squares on the person; highlighting simple things like “this person chews on their nails,” or “this character has bruises on their neck”. It is those small details that really solidify Jessica Jones as a private investigator, and shows how she notices these little details before a person tells her. That detailing is something that does not have to be done, but for the fact that it is, I appreciate it as a reader.


Plot wise, I am loving this mystery that is happening; we are learning that someone who hired Jessica Jones years ago is dead. Along with someone actually killing Jessica, herself which was a shocker in part one. Part two of this issue really ramps up the mystery where other d-list heroines are being killed too. That has me invested in seeing where all this goes and how these two mysteries tie into each other. Cory Petit’s lettering is fantastic as per usual. I really enjoyed this format where I feel satisfied about getting two issues instead of one. It makes me feel as though my money was well spent, and I am more than willing to pick up the next issue once it is released. Reading this series as a digital exclusive leads it to some great tracking issues. Using Comixology guided view, I felt like this issue took advantage of that by having the readers eyes pan to where they should be, thus giving some moments a well deserved gasp. A problem I have always had with physical issues is when turning the page my eyes often look towards the other page first; so having this series digitally, I feel Blind Spot is purposely constructed to be a digitally series to add to the overall suspense, which I see as a plus.


Final thoughts, I loved this first issue and I hope Marvel will start making more issues in this format. I do plan on buying the Blind Spot trade once it is out, and add it to my collection. Keep up the amazing work Jessica Jones creative team. Furthermore, fans can pick up their own copy of this issue by clicking here.

Final Grade: 5 Heroes out of 5

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