Review: Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers #15

Comic Credits

  • Writer: Ryan Parrott
  • Illustrated by Eleonora Carlini with Ink Assistance by Simona Di Gianfelice
  • Colors by Raul Angulo
  • Letters by Ed Dukeshire
  • Cover by Dan Mora
  • Ranger Variant Cover by Miguel Mercado
  • Preorder cover by Audrey Mok, design by Dylan Todd
  • Movie Variant Cover by Natacha Bustos, design by Dylan Todd
  • Angel Grove High School Emblem by Miguel Mercado
  • Designer by Michelle Ankley
  • Assistant Editor Gwen Waller
  • Editor Dafna Pleban


We are back in action with Go Go Power Rangers issue 15, and it is a solid issue. In this issue we are picking back up with Jason and Trini on Planet Breel. Trini and Jason are trying to assess the situation they are currently in, and it is interesting seeing how everything plays out. We get a interesting connection between the two now that their powers have been swamped. Overall it is something I did not see coming, but I enjoy the way it is being played up, the more that they are on Planet Breel. I am curious to know if it is just the planet that is causing their feelings for one another to bloom, or if it is a connection that will continue once they are back home.


Now back on Earth, we get to see Zack and Billy just hanging out and it seems as though Zack may have given Billy an idea to “pimp his new ride;” which is some groundwork I appreciate to build towards the Radbug. Yet, one of the things that surprises me the most about this issue is the date with Kim and Skull, as I was not expecting us to see it in general. I did not think we would get more depth with Skull as a character, but I love the way he is depicted here. Skull is trying to do his best to impress Kim however, he can read the fact that she is still not over Matt. Getting to witness this sort of maturity is incredible and makes me wish that Bulk and Skull were given more character depth rather than being comedy relief throughout the television series. In Go Go Power Rangers, I genuinely care about them and want them to be happy, so a huge “thank you” goes out Ryan Parrott for giving these characters the depth they deserve.


With Rita, we finally learn what she has been keeping on Planet Breel, and it is simply shocking. Throughout this issue and the previous issue we get a sense that whatever “this is” would be a game changer for Rita. Now, with that reveal I can proudly say that it truly is a game changer without evening having to spoil it. Finally, the twist with Baboo, I simply love it, and there are no other words that I can use to describe it. Again Go Go Power Rangers, does this great job giving background/ side characters the depth their characters deserve; and dare I say, I love Baboo’s backstory more than I do Finster’s.


Art wise, Eleonora Carlini and Simona Di Gianfelice are fantastic. The way the action and talking scenes are framed are wonderful. I do not have any sort of complaints at all. My favorite panel without spoiling the scene and issue, is probably when Baboo explains himself. In addition, Raul Angulo’s color work this issue are fantastic as well. No really complaints about the art team as their work for each and every issue is outstanding.


Overall, this was a great issue that leaves me wondering how this story will play out. Currently, readers know one aspect to the story which is a given, but the other factors are still unknown. One final thing I will say is that I want to see more of Planet Breel, and hope more adventures on other alien planets are on the way; so here’s hoping that things will turn out well for the Rangers, and that we get more crazy space adventures. Nevertheless, I am excited for issue sixteen once it goes on sale. Anyways, I hope that all heroes have a Merry Christmas, as well as I have been Xben3000 and I will catch everyone after the holiday!


Final Grade: 5 out of 5 Power Coins

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