Comics News: DC’s Doomsday Clock Teaser

Coming at you with some comics news today. We have a teaser for the upcoming Doomsday Clock. Not much is known about this event outside of this being the Watchmen characters are being integrated into the DC Comics universe. Along with this being a maxi-series. Right now were unsure as to what characters will collide during these 12 issues. Anyway, check out the teaser down below.

The quote above comes from Rorschach’s journal. With Batman now having that in his possession, I wonder what he will uncover as he learns from Rorschach’s perspective. I haven’t read Watchmen yet, so I’m kind of interested in going into this event without having read it yet. Then again it seems like I may have to have some understanding of the characters and their world. Finally, Geoff Johns, Gary Grank, and Brad Anderson will be the creative team behind this series. With Geoff Johns having a panel that will go into detail about this event during NYCC on a panel entitled DC’s Doomsday Clock on Friday, October 6 at 6pm. As always please speculate down below, I know Watchman fans probably hate this as I know Alan Moore did not want this to happen. I guess if money is to be made, DC Comics will take that over integrity. Anyway, I’m still XBen3000 and I’m out!

Source: IGN

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