Comics Review: Champions of Earth #2

The following is a review of Champions of Earth #2

Comic Credits
Written and created by Alexander Banchitta & James Riccardo
Art by Koko Amboro
Inks by Scott Shriver
Lettering by Fred C Stresing
Cover Art by James Jones (Pencils), Scott Shriver (Inks), Gabe Pinto (Colors)


Champions of Earth issue 2 showcases how Scarab and Jupiter Man met. I have to say I did not see it coming at all. Honestly it just makes readers hate them more seeing, as they have the potential to do great things with their abilities as heroes. Instead they choose to do the opposite which given how their characters were established in the first issue; I cannot say I am surprised. Then again I think what surprised me the most was seeing Crimson Phantom and Captain Galaxy. We get to see what both of these character prior to the first issue and it is interesting to see. Crimson Phantom being a thief who has never been caught until that day. Along with Captain Galaxy who we see is a well known hero that is being framed for something he did not do. If anything I would think that Captain Galaxy would have more anger towards Scarab and Jupiter Man, but Crimson Phantom seems intent on getting some well deserved payback. Then again I do not know if we can call it payback since he is a villain. It does make me wonder what Captain Galaxy will do since in my opinion he would be justified to break out of prison and to capture Scarab and Jupiter Man.


The art work by Koko Amboro along with the inks by Scott Shriver continue to shine this issue. The detailing of the facial structures along with the environments are always a treat to see when it comes to these two working together. Add the body language of the characters and it works for me. The black and white palette is really working for me now that we have settled into this world a bit more. I thought that I would want something more colorful but I am honestly fine with that decision of it being in black and white. Another thing I want to hit on is how the action scenes are in this issue. They are very smooth and easy to follow, so readers do not have to figure out where to guide their eyes which is always a plus.


The lettering by Fred C Stressing was on point as always. The placement and spacing of them when it came to conversation pieces were good. The cover art by James, Scott, and Gabe was spot on. Overall, I enjoyed this issue and I cannot wait to read issue three of this series. It is set to be the finale of this series and double sized at that. So I am looking forward to seeing what will happen now that Crimson Phantom is on the hunt for Scarab and Jupiter Man. I am curious to see what Captain Galaxy will do since I am certain that Phantom will fight Scarab and Jupiter Man next issue. I do not see Scarab and Jupiter Man fighting back. Given their characters, I see them running away from danger instead of towards it.


Final Grade: 4 out of 5! One can click here and they will be linked to the Comixology Page for this series.

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