Con Debrief: Otakon 2017 200 words or less

So Otakon is now in Washington DC. New location, new venue, and same Otakon vibe. Here’s my take on OtakonDC. It was good, I’ve had a month to really sit down and think about it but I believe it worked out for everyone. The numbers were low compared to last year in Baltimore but I think that’s to be expected with going to a new venue and some attendees unsure as to whether the trip was worth it.  I’m here to say that going to OtakonDC was a great decision.

On a personal level, I just had the chance to run into so many of my friends this year and brought some amazing prints from artist Cypritree, Daniellesylan, and Quirkilicous. I picked up some Overwatch charms from Tasobubu. Everything was great quality so I can’t complain about that. I didn’t attend too many panels as I wanted to but the Stella Chuu panel was fantastic. It was nice to pick her brain a bit and learn more about her journey into cosplay. The gaming room was fantastic this year. Overall, I’m hoping more people will come to Otakon next year. This new venue will have something for everyone to enjoy.

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