Cosplay Cafe 14: Tali xoxo

What’s going on heroes? Happy Friday first and foremost. We have Tali xoxo coming into the cafe today and it was a blast having her come through. Check out our interview down below.

Photography by Bigwhitebazooka

1. What were you like growing up? What were some of the things you were into as a child/teenager?

Growing up I was extremely shy and kept to myself mostly with a few close friends. I was always into anything that piqued my imagination, I guess I always had an attraction to things that weren’t normal. I loved fantasy novels, movies, and spent most of my time drawing or playing with clay.

So honestly not much has changed, I’m still enthralled with anything weird or whimsical, so much that I like to become it through cosplay!

2. Did those things influence who you are today?

Of course,it influences every part of me. What I create is a direct result of having grown up fantasizing constantly. What I do is just the way I chose to bring it into the physical world.

Photography by Dapper Geek News

3. What costume of yours would you consider to be your biggest triumph?

There’s a couple that I’m really proud of for different reasons. The first two that I genuinely pushed myself on was Terra and Rydia, both were original takes on their designs that I wanted to learn new techniques on. I took my time and had no real end goal for them other than to make something beautiful. I really felt like I was closer to what I wanted to be in those costumes. Another costume I’m really quite proud of is my Street Fighter V Cammy, not because it’s groundbreaking in any way but because I’m constantly trying to improve on it and make it a little more accurate every time I wear it. It’s a project that has been with me for years and it’ll never be completely done but I learn more from it every time.

4. What was it like shooting at Real Canadian Wrestling? Being able to use an actual ring had to be a fun experience.

It was amazing! Truly an incredible experience. In the big picture I’m sure it really isn’t that impressive, all I did was ask to use their ring but it’s been really important to me to push my work further than I have before. In this case I wanted to make the best costume I could and shoot it the best way possible. I’m such a huge fan of pro wrestling and just stepping into their ring was magical for me. I’ve been dreaming of becoming a wrestler, being in the squared circle (even with an entirely empty room) felt so right. To do it in one of my new favorite costumes beside possibly my closest friend really was a magical experience. I hope to do it again soon!

Photography by Tysu Photography

5. Off topic question, what got you into watching wrestling?

Brock Lesnar actually, and not in the way you might think. It just happened one day when I asked someone I was with what they were watching. It was a Paul Heyman promo for Brock, it was so over the top and since that’s the kind of thing I like I just couldn’t help but watch. This person then sat me down and clockwork orange’d me into watching all this classic 80s wrestling starting with the first Wrestlemania. I had a great guide into the wonderful world of wrestling and ever since I’ve been hooked. I can’t stop watching. It’s the perfect mix of costumes, fantasy, excitement and story that I’ve always been so attracted too.

6. For those who don’t know, Tali xoxo runs her own website in which you can purchase a monthly membership for five dollars. What made you go this route instead of Patreon?

A lot of people tell me to get Patreon and while I see the benefits of the model I feel that it is a very limited platform. I believe strongly in creating content on your own platform, if you build it on someone else’s there’s no guarantee that it’ll remain the way you want it. I feel that many of the cosplay Patreon’s have set a certain precedent that I don’t really resonate with– they’ve become copycat formulas that only increase an unsustainable workload without any systems to automate the workflow.

Using a membership program through my own site allows me to keep content on my own website, release things at my own pace, and never overpromise and underdeliver. When you sign up for my members area you are getting access to my exclusive content that I create myself and every dollar goes to me, not to some other platform that only really serves as a middle man. Patreon works for a lot of people but it’s just not for me.

7. What was it like working with RunDevinRun for your Nurse Morrigan & Lilith? Do you see yourself collaborating with other cosplayers in the future if given the opportunity.

I love Devin, she’s such a wonderful person inside and out and will always come through in the clutch for you. We talk all the time, I consider her a close friend it’s always such a pleasure to work with her. I have a dream of being Neo-Queen Serenity for her Princess Chibiusa someday, because she’s my little trashbaby and I love her.

I want to do more collaborations with people, I always love pushing for more interesting projects but I think I have a lot of work to do on my own self and craft before I’m in a place to confidently work alongside someone else.

8. Second off topic question, favorite food?

Good lord, there’s so many to name. Sushi, pizza, burgers, ramen? Ugh just everything!

Photography by Dapper Geek News

9. Favorite memory while in cosplay?

I have so many fond memories of Sakuracon with some incredible friends from Seattle when I first really got into cosplay. We did big groups together, hung out and just had the best time ever while we were there.

10. What costumes are you currently working on?

Well, I just finished up R.Mika and I’m still shooting it here and there. Currently I’m working on 2B from Nier Automata and taking my time with it to get all the details right. So that’ll be up next!

Photography by Dapper Geek News

11. What conventions can people find you at this year?

Likely just Anime Expo right now, I don’t have anything else planned right now.

12. Final question, anything you want to say to your fans?

Thank you for everything, really. If it weren’t for them I wouldn’t be able to live this incredible life that I have. I wish I could thank every single one of you in person but until then just know I’m so thankful for everything.

As always it was an honor having Tali xoxo on the site. Be sure to follow her on all of her social media which I will list down below.

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Coming into the cafe next week is….

Saika Cosplay and Art is coming, so until then I’m still XBen3000 and I’m out!


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