Cosplay Cafe 40: Neverending Dreamz

What’s going on heroes? Happy Friday, Cosplay Cafe season two is back in action. Apologize for not having a consistency with this series. It’s convention season and usually cosplayers are busy this time of the year. So I’ll continue to do my best to talk to those that have free time. Anyway, today we have Neverending Dreamz making his Cosplay Cafe debut. I discovered him by pure chance on Instagram and had to chop it up. So without further ado, get to know Neverending Dreamz.

1. What were you like growing up? What were some of the things you were into as a child/teenager? 

Growing up as a teenager wasn’t very fun tbh. I couldn’t relate to a lot of people and constantly had trouble keeping friends. I was usually considered the weird one.

2. Who or what got you into cosplaying?

Honestly growing up I’ve always been into drawing and building things its why architecture was my major. It came a point in my life I wanted to make my artwork into physical form. I wanted something besides a 2D drawing. Ultimately cosplaying was the perfect way to make that a reality.

3. First off, your Hades Saint Seiya cosplay is a work of art. What made you decide to make this your first worbla project?

One of my best friends (James) was a huge Saint Seiya fan. He continuously talked to me about it. He kept showing characters from it but I wasn’t feeling any of them. He then showed me Hades and I was instantly glued to the design. So I went and watched/read the series. After months of catching up I actually loved Hades as a character. Especially from lost canvas. With him being a painter and art being his goal in life… I actually related to the character and decided to cosplay him.

4. Continuing from there, what got you into making Keyblades because the Sailor Moon and Rayquaza are outstanding and I’ve never seen something like that done before.

I’ve always been a huge kingdom hearts fan. My first cosplay was Xaldin from kingdom hearts. I had made a keyblade years back for someone that was special to me for her birthday I believe. It would be years before I made another one which was also for someone special to me. She was cosplaying Kairi and wanted a 4′ oblivion keyblade. Once again some time passed by and I had a friend that wanted to cosplay a Sailor Moon x Kingdom Hearts cosplay crossover with me. Plans fell through but I made the keyblade anyway. The keyblade went viral. It was the first thing I had ever made that went viral. Everyone wanted one so I decided to make a keyblade for my fans. It also went viral. So every Once in awhile I do contest for keyblades on my page to show my fans I love them and that ill never forget they are the reason I am who I am today because them supporting my keyblades long ago built the groundwork for my success years later.


5. Off topic question, do you think were going to get Kingdom Hearts 3 this year?

I actually believe the release date will be December. XD


6.Back on topic, do you have a convention you would like to attend? Whether you’re invited as a quest or just want to attend?

I’ve never been invited to be a guest at a con. I’d love to. I really would. If I had to pick a specific con it would be Momocon, Otakon, or even BlizzCon? Truthfully I’d be grateful to any con that invited me though. I’ll just keep pushing out ridiculous cosplays until someone acknowledges me. Id like to attend BlizzCon more than anything.

Photography by Sabertooth Photography

7. What is one thing you love about the cosplay community?

I love the creativity. The more creative something is, the more attractive it is to me.

8. Patreon! For those not in the loop, Neverending Dreamz has one. What type of content can they find on there than any other platform?

You will find exclusive keyblades that will only be given away to pledges regardless of amount pledged. The next keyblade with be dark lady from Sailor Moon. It will be revealed this week.


9. Second off topic question, favorite food?

My favorite food is actually tacos. I’m not to sure why XD but they are extremely delicious to me.

10. Can you hint at any cosplays you’re currently working on?

The one winged angel. (Literally has 3 wings)


Photography by Boundless Perception Photography

11. What conventions can people find you at later this year?

Otakon, Blerdcon, Anime Weekend Atlanta, and Nekocon

12. Final question, anything you want to say to your fans?

I appreciate all of the support you guys give me. Especially since the algorithm changes I know a lot of you guys can’t see my art but when you do you comment and support. I have some big plans this year and I appreciate the love you guys show to me. Thank you. For everything. Thank you ❤.

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Above are Neverending Dreamz social media accounts. Please be sure to follow and support. Also, it cost nothing to share. Anyway, until the cafe opens it’s doors again, I’m still XBen3000 and I’m out!

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