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Welcome to the Mike Maverick Experience – CrossCode: A Love Letter to Retro JRPGs!


Recently CrossCode a game created by Radical Fish Games that was under beta since 2014, announced it would have its full release in 2018. During its initial announcement, the game was backed by over 90,000 Euros and it managed to receive its entire funding. Now, what does CrossCode do what Mighty No. 9 does not? They made several updates on a near monthly basis from 2014 to now, and they have allowed users to have early access. At the moment, the game is under ver. 0.9-5 beta, and I think its proper opportunity to throw out a preview for the game in my epic manner. If one grew up with the Secret of Mana, and Chrono Trigger, then this is the game for we have asked for!



For more updates on CrossCode please follow Radical Fish Games on Twitter!

Also check out their site,, and the official CrossCode site!

Here is the direct link to purchase the Early Access edition of CrossCode on Steam!





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