DCTV News: Crisis on Earth-X

What’s going on heroes, Happy Friday! DC Comics is finally letting DCTV Fans know about the upcoming four show crossover event. For this special occasion, Phil Jimenez did an annual cover which I feel comic book fans will love. You can check that out along with some more information we’ve received.

“Fans got their first look at the #DCTV take on Earth-X in the sneak peek of the upcoming Freedom Fighters: The Ray digital animated series that was released this summer, and it looks like the Ray will make his live action debut in the crossover. Also of note, the crossover looks like it’ll bring the long-awaited nuptials of Barry Allen and Iris West—provided the Earth-X attack doesn’t prevent them—who can be seen in wedding garb along the bottom of the poster.”

So I have to say it looks interesting that it’s a solid cover. It really reminds me of some of the older annual Justice League covers where everyone is featured. Also, if you watch the Ray sneak peek, you do get a sense of Earth X and The Ray world. Honestly, I was hoping we would finally get Batman and Wonder Woman in this DCTV universe through this crossover. I mean we already have Superman and they’re introducing the concept of Infinite Earths. So is it that hard to cast those characters for tv? My thoughts aside, let us know what you think. Hero-Club will keep you posted once a trailer drop for this event.

Source: DC Comics

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