Destiny 2: Live Action Trailer

What’s going on heroes? We have a live-action trailer for Destiny 2. The game is set to come out September 6, 2017 for the PS4 and Xbox One. Meanwhile the PC version will roll out October 24th. Personally, I had a great time with the first Destiny game. It was a game where I really got to bond with my friends. Including Wheelchair21, Oga, and Projeckt to name a few people I’ve had some funny moments. I need to see if I can find those clips and post them on the site. Anyway, check out the video down below.


After watching the video, it makes me want to cosplay as Hunter sometime next year. I’ve really fallen in love with their aesthetic. I can’t wait to play this game come next week so heroes if you’re planning on playing let me know. I’m more than willing to team up and take Ghaul down. As always comment down below, I’m XBen3000 and I’m out!

Source: YouTube

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