Digimon Adventure Tri Chapter 5 Premiere Date Announced

WiththeWill has recently posted about new details about the fifth chapter of Digimon Adventure Tri.  The fifth chapter of the series titled Digimon Adventure Tri Chapter 5: Symbiosis will premiere in Japanese theaters on September 30. 

WiththeWill provided a trailer for Digimon Adventure Tri Chapter 5: Symbiosis.

WiththeWill also posted a translation for the dialogue featured in the trailer.

Meiko: Am I…no longer your partner?
(Bonds broken)
Hikari: The feelings you really want to convey will definitely get through.
Yamato: As if you could wish for our friends to be sacrificed! Taichi!
(Each of their choices)
Taichi: I… I won’t run away from my friends’ suffering!

Source: WiththeWill

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