Doom Patrol Teaser Trailer

What’s happening heroes? Today, we have the official teaser trailer for the upcoming Doom Patrol series, which is set to make its debut on the DC Universe streaming service on February 15, 2019. I have to say that everyone looks good in this small teaser. Also, I am surprised we get to see Diane Guerrero as Crazy Jane and Joivan Wade as Cyborg, so fast with no strings attached. Anyways, check out the clip down below and we will talk after that.

Now, as I have said before, everyone looks good in the trailer. I feel like the DC Universe that is being created on their streaming service will be able to compete with the CW Arrow universe. With Titans having a strong season one and Doom Patrol following suite the only thing we need to see now is Swamp Thing; which the series should be coming out next year. Overall, I am happy to have invested in the DC Universe service, and I feel like with time it is only going to to become better.

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