Dragon Ball Super – Time Change, Hiatus, or Finale?

News broke overnight that Dragon Ball Super is going to be switched out for the Gegege no Kitaro series on April 1st. In addition, Fuji TV vaguely explained that there is no intention of a new Dragon Ball series, or that Super is officially over. This has led fans to speculate that Fuji TV is trying to avoid saying outright the series is cancelled. Whereas, others believe it is just moving, or being placed on a hiatus.


However, a tweet from series animator, Tsutomu Ono, implies that the series could be ending, or feature a change in its staff/ production. Also, Mr. Ono’s tweet indicates he is shocked at how swift this developing story reached media outlets. Now, if this is the end, and not a time change or hiatus this would imply that Dragon Ball Super will end with episode 131 on March 25th. Yet, without a confirmation from Toei Animation, or series creator, Akira Toriyama, it is unknown for the validity of this news. Furthermore, if this results in a hiatus or cancellation for the anime it may not be the end for the manga. Only time will tell what is in store for the Dragon Ball Super anime, so please stay tuned for further updates!


Source: Herms98, Comicbook.com

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