Events: Night of the Phantasm Costume Party, October 28

It is October which means it is time to celebrate Halloween! Currently, our friends at Positive Charge, through their band, Nuclear Garden, and recording label, OFF the TAPE ENT. are planning a Halloween-themed event! This event is a costume/ masquerade party hosted at the Tabba Tabba Tight Knit Coffee & Dessert Bar in Baltimore, Maryland; this event is entitled, “Night of the Phantasm!“. It is a one night event on Saturday, October 28th which will run for 4-hours with ticket entry costing $7! In addition, there will be Free Food, and live performances by various members of Positive Charge.


Performances will include:


Now, from what Hero Club was told this will also be Positive Charge’s last event to be hosted at Tabba Tabba Tight Knit Coffee & Dessert Bar. Since it will be their last event hosted at this venue, Positive Charge, hopes to make this their biggest event yet! They would love for those attending to bring a plus one, or come as group. Whereas, for those unable to attend, like a majority of Hero Club’s staff, try to spread awareness. Let the people of the Baltimore area know about this Halloween-theme party that they might like to attend! Never the less, please stay tuned for more updates on “Night of the Phantasm!” and upcoming projects from our friends at Positive Charge! Also, do not forget to check out Hero Club for all things “tokusatsu, anime, news,” and more…


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