Fan Expo 2019: Transformers Studio Series and Generations Selects Reveals

The official Transformers facebook page has updated with official product images of the Transformers Studio Series and Generations Selects reveals at Fan Expo 2019. 

The reveals include:

Transformers Generations Selects

  • Deluxe Class Generations Selects Powerdasher Zetar 
  • Deluxe Class Generations Selects Nightbird 


Transformers Studio Series


Voyager Class

  • Voyager Class Studio Series Mixmaster (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen)
  • Voyager Class Studio Series Megatron (Transformers 2007)


Leader Class

  • Leader Studio Series Scavenger  (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen)
  • Leader Class Studio Series Shockwave with Brains, Wheelie, and parachute soldier (Transformers: Dark of the Moon)

Looking at this reveals combined with the previous reveals for both the Transformers Siege/ Transformers Generations line and the Transformers Studio Series line it is clear that 2020 is already set for a great start. It is awesome to finally see an updated Megatron figure based on his first live-action appearance as well as receiving the first figure based on Brains. Both Generations Selects look alright, although neither are exactly too amazing in my opinion. Mixmaster and Scavenger are expected, however it is good to see a version of Scavenger/ Demolisher that doesn’t have destructible “tank treads.” Shockwave also looks really good and I can’t wait to replace the older figure I got from the original line I currently have on display.

Source: Transformers

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2 Thoughts to “Fan Expo 2019: Transformers Studio Series and Generations Selects Reveals”

  1. mike

    is there release dates yet?

    1. Pak Hanu

      According to Hasbro Pulse and Amazon the Studio Series figures revealed here will be out January while the Generation Selects are out around September.

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