Fan Expo Canada 2018: Transformers Studio Series Figures Revealed

Yesterday, Hasbro unveiled some new figures that will be released as a part of their Transformers Studio Series toyline at Fan Expo Canada 2018. Expect these figures to be released sometime in 2019.

The new figures include:

  • Barricade (Transformers 2007)
  • Clunker Bumblebee (Transformers 2007)
  • Crankcase (Transformers Dark of the Moon)
  • Sideswipe (Transformers Dark of the Moon)
  • WWII Bumblebee (Transformers The Last Knight)

Personally I find It a bit obnoxious to see some many Bumblee figure variants in the Studio Series alone, however I am happy to see that most of them are at least representing specific versions and not just random variants of the character. Barricade is nice to see since there hasn’t been many good versions of the original version of the character seen in the first Transformers live-action film. Crankcase is a bit weird to see since we already got a version of him earlier, but I understand Hasbro wants to create him in the new design to match Crowbar. Hopefully that means Hatchet will follow suit especially since two of them already got updates. Lastly I am quite happy to see a new version of Sideswipe since a lot of the older molds didn’t quite do the job for me. 

Source: Hasbropulse

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