Fathom Events – Digimon Adventure tri.: Loss Trailer

Yesterday, Bandai Namco Entertainment America uploaded to its YouTube Channel a trailer for the next Digimon Adventure tri film. This trailer is for the upcoming Fathom Events screening for Digimon Aventure tri.: Loss, the fourth installment to the series. Digimon Adventure tri.: Loss, will be presented in theaters on February 1, dubbed in English and provide an all-new interview with Joshua Seth, the voice of Tai. In addition, the trailer’s description on YouTube (seen below) features the dates for the other future installments to the series. Furthermore, the description provides a link to pre-order tickets for the three Fathom screenings.

Toei Animation and Fathom Events have partnered to bring the English dub versions of three exciting new #Digimon titles of the Digimon ADVENTURE tri. series to select US theaters nationwide in 2018! Get your tickets now for Loss (2/1), Coexistence (5/10) and Future (9/20)!


Digimon Adventure tri. began with Reunion (November 2015) before being followed up by Determination (March 2016), and Confession (September 2016). Digimon Adventure tri.: Loss, and Coexistence were released in Japanese theaters last year, and simulcast on Crunchyroll. Whereas, the official dubs and home video releases are distributed through Shout! Factory, at a later date. Digimon Adventure tri.: Future’s theatrical release/simulcast is set for May 5, 2018 with the English dub premiere set for September 20th.


Source: Bandai Namco Entertainment America

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