Final Thoughts: Power Rangers Shattered Grid

What’s going on heroes and happy Thursday! It’s your boy, Ben, and I am coming at you with my final thoughts on the Boom! Studios’ Power Rangers event Shattered Grid. To start off with the ending, I thought it was well done for the most part. I could see as to why some fans were upset at the ending, but when fans really sit and think about it; I do not see how writers could keep telling the stories after that if the past team knows the future. With this being Kyle Higgins final run on Power Rangers, I thought it was the perfect way to go out. He has really given this book his all and honestly got so many fans both old and new on-board with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series, and I could not be more grateful. With this being the 25th anniversary, the Power Rangers comic was the thing the franchise needed and the payoff could not have been better.


I do not know where to being with my praise of Daniele Di Nicuolo; it is hard choosing a moment in Shattered Grid that just highlights Daniele’s mastery as a artist. If I had to pinpoint it, it has to be the scene where every ranger is shown in that two page spread. The coloring of each ranger and the positioning of them was amazing. I mean Power Rangers has to be a challenge for any artist and colorist because of the range of color each team has and to go above and beyond. I will always be amazed at the effort and time Daniele put into each and every panel of this event. From the action to the slower moments, Daniele continuously brought his A game to this series and I am grateful for it. I am looking forward to whatever book Daniele is on, people should best believe I am going to pick it up. Now, here’s hoping he gets to return to a Power Ranger book sooner than later.


Talking about Kyle Higgins, his run will be remembered, which goes without saying. He has done so much for the Power Ranger mythos, as being able to get the fandom excited for Power Rangers again. With how past Power Rangers seasons have been received by older fans, the comics were the perfect jumping on point for those who wanted something a bit more mature but at the same time familiar. Reading and watching reviews from different people about the Power Ranger comics, the grand consensus seems to be let Kyle write a season for Saban or in this case Hasbro. I cannot blame them for thinking that, as Kyle just gets the characters and their characterization. He is able to expand on them and put them into situations where they are tested and Shattered Grid is no different. The build up for the event started so early on and now we are at the point where we reach a satisfying ending. I know some fans do not love the ending, but I could not see another way to get out of the situation and it felt right. After re-reading it a couple of times, I am happy with the ending that we received and I could not wait to see where the series will go from here.


Back to talking about the Shattered Grid finale, the only thing I was hoping for was more of the Rangers fighting against Drakkon’s forces. Then again I could see how trying to frame different fight scenes with different Rangers could be time consuming. I mean we got some good fights throughout this event. I remember the first time the team meets Lauren in the Samurai timeline along with Jason and Lauren teaming up with the RPM rangers. However, the fight that stood out the most was the one that readers can briefly see to their left; I will not spoil the full events of the battle, but I felt the weight of the fight throughout the panels  that we were presented with. Outside of the battles seeming short as the only negative, I still overly enjoyed the Shattered Grid and would be up to reading it again when I have the chance.


Final thoughts, when I first started reading the Power Rangers comics I thought it would be a fun nostalgic trip. However, I never imagined I would become this invested in Power Rangers once again. As an older fan, we tend to look forward to something that is a bit more mature and the comic series was that for me. Sure, while I am not the biggest fan of the original team, everyone has their favorites. I could not help but care about the MMPR team and seeing them grow as characters throughout this event. I am hoping we get to see them return one day, but for now the future of the Power Rangers comics could not look brighter. Until the next review, I am XBen3000 and I am out!

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