Fire Emblem Warriors: Nintendo Switch – Special Edition Unboxing (RRPG Reviews)

Fire Emblem Warriors has finally arrived on the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo 3DS! Since the Fire Emblem series has been critically acclaimed for its depth and challenge within the Tactical RPG genre. Nintendo gave both Intelligent Systems and Koei Tecmo the honor to make a new Fire Emblem game done in the style of the latter’s own Musou games. Since both games came out on the same day, a Special Edition was sure to be inevitable as it most certainly was. I picked up the Special Edition of the game for the Nintendo Switch along with an amiibo of Chrom from Fire Emblem Awakening. Unfortunately, I could not get Tiki as she was already sold out, but I did snag one from online that is on its way. In the meantime, I present to my unboxing of the Special Edition of Fire Emblem Warriors on the Nintendo Switch!

Song in background: Fire Emblem – Meeting Theme Series Medley (Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS & Wii U)

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