Funimation Acquires Attack on Titan Season 3 & Japanese Premiere Date Announced

On Friday, Pony Canyon began streaming an all-new trailer for the upcoming season of Attack on Titan. This new trailer for the third season revealed its Japanese premiere is July 22 at 12:45 a.m. on NHK. Short afterwards, Funimation Entertainment officially announced they acquired the rights to distribute and dub the season. In addition, Funimation provided an English subtitled version of the trailer.

Also, the Attack on Titan official website revealed two new cast members, Kazuhiro Yamaji and Yūsaku Yara. Kazuhiro Yamaji will play Kenny Ackerman, a former member of Military Police Brigade’s First Interior Squad and the captain of the Anti-Personnel Control Squad. In addition, Kenny Ackerman is the maternal uncle of Levi Ackerman. Whereas, Yūsaku Yara will play Rod Reiss, a former member of the royal family. Furthermore, the official website provides an all-new visual for season 3.

The first 25-episode season premiered in Japan in 2013, and was followed by the second 12-episode season in 2017. The first season inspired two compilation films, Attack on Titan Part 1 – Guren no Yumiya and Attack on Titan Part 2 – Jiyuu no Tsubasa; the second film provided new footage linking the film’s finale to the second season. Season two also inspired a compilation film, Attack on Titan: The Roar of Awakening, which released this past Janurary.


Source: ANN, Crunchyroll

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