Funimation and Crunchyroll Exit Co-licensing Partnership

Variety has reported that Funimation will soon be ending their agreement with Crunchyroll after a two year pact. The decision for not renewing the 2016 agreement with Crunchyroll is the decision of Sony Pictures Television, who bought Funimation last year. Also under this deal, Funimation will end their partnership with the VRV service.

Sony is striving to make the company “a global sub[titled] and dub anime brand,” which is confirmed by Gen Fukunaga (Funimation’s president and CEO).  Fukunaga has stated that the deal will “ended amicably this month.”

Starting on November 9, FunimationNow subscribers will have access to the subtitled versions of several titles, however several dubbed titles will no be available. All titles that were licensed during the shared partnership with Crunchyroll and Funimation will be still available to FunimationNow subscribers.

Currently it is unknown what titles will be removed from FunimationNow.

Source: Variety

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