The Geek Fighters See About E3 2018!

The Geek Fighters have done a lot within the past month hyping up the gamer’s version of Christmas, E3! However, E3 2018 came off like a lukewarm and mediocre experience when compared to the previous years that we have covered the event. Yet, we will grade the various press conferences and the whole event, nevertheless! Joining FighterXaos, RRPG, and 16bitjeff is Hero Club’s Wheelchair21 and MetalNinja, who add an optional input on the event too.


Now, just how hit-and-miss was E3 2018 when compared to all the previous E3’s that the Geek Fighters have covered? Well if anyone tune to our live streams of the press conferences then they would already know that; but for those who did not, they will just have to watch the previous stream to find out! Hopefully, E3 2019 will be a better improvement for next year, but we should not put our hopes up. Otherwise, enjoy this episode!

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Also, shout out to our friend and cosplayer, TGF Amie Lynn (@misshabit). Go check out her VR game in development “Creed,” and her weekend streams over at Facebook Gaming.

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