Goku Black, Beerus, & Hit Joins Dragon Ball FighterZ Roster

Recently a V-Jump magazine scan has surfaced online, which reveals that Goku Black, Beerus, and Hit are confirmed as playable fighters in Dragon Ball FighterZ. The scan also features a look at several of the “Dramatic Productions” that can happen during matches.

Goku Black will be able to summon Zamasu when he uses certain special moves, which is very similar to what happens with Tien/ Chiaotzu or for Android 18 & Android 17.  During the attack, Zamasu will hold the opponent while Goku Black prepares to unleash a Kamehameha. One of his supers will allow him to create a giant purple Ki attack with the help of Zamasu.  His level 3 super seems to be his Violent Fierce God Slicer, which allows Goku Black to summon an energy scythe that slices through his opponents.

Hit will be able to use his Time Skip to get the upper advantage over his opponents. The scan features that his Vital Point Attack may potentially be his Level 1 super and his Level 3 super may be Pure Progress.  This move allows Hit to use the true power of his Time Skip leading into more powerful attacks.

Beerus as expected will be able to use his Sphere of Destruction.  Another one of his supers will allow Beerus to unleash multiple Cataclysmic Orbs.  According to the scan a final big Dragon Ball FighterZ trailer will release next month before the launch of the game.

The scans also features details about the Dragon Balls. During battle players will be able to gain a dragon ball during several number of combos.  Both the player and the opponent’s Dragon Balls are shared so when all seven are gathered the player can choose between four wishes.

The wishes include:

  • Full HP Recovery
  • Teammate Revival
  • Extra “Sparkling” Icon
  • Gradual HP Recovery

Lastly, the scan features more details about the game’s Dramatic Productions.  For those who haven’t been following the Dramatic Productions are the cutscenes featured during matches that recreate scenes from the anime.  These Dramatic Productions can be seen either the start or end of matches depending on the fighter you chose.  Some examples can be seen in the scan, which features Yamcha’s death against the Saibaman and when Goku defeats Kid Buu.

Source: Shoryuken, Gematsu, Shonen Gamez


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