Grandia & Grandia II HD Nintendo Switch Release Announced

IGN has reported that game publisher, GungHo, has announced that Grandia and Grandia II will be receiving HD remastered versions for the Nintendo Switch.


Long time RPG fans should recognize both titles, however for those who are not aware, both Grandia games were beloved RPG classics. The first game was first released in Japan for the Sega Saturn in 1997 and for the original Playstation in 1999.  The game was released in North America by Sony Computer Entertainment later that same year and was published by Ubi Soft in Europe in 2000.


The sequel was released in Japan for the Sega Dreamcast by Game Arts in August 2000. Ubi Soft published Grandia II in North America and Europe in February 2001. The game was also ported to the Playstation 2 worldwide in 2002. The game was also available on PC exclusively in North America and Europe later that same year. An updated port based on the Dreamcast version titled, “Grandia II Anniversary Edition,” was released on Steam in August 24, 2015. Grandia HD Remaster will also be available on Steam at a later date.


A demo for Grandia II HD will be playable at Pax West 2018, which will be held in Seattle, WA, on August 31 – September 3.


Grandia HD Remaster will also be coming to Steam, joining Grandia II – which is already for sale on the service. A demo of Grandia II HD Remaster will be playable at PAX West 2018.


While no exact release date has been confirmed it is stated that both games will be released this Winter. 


Source: IGN

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