Gundam Versus PS4 Release Date Announced

Bandai Namco has updated their official Youtube channel with a new trailer for the upcoming Gundam Versus game.  The latest trailer reveals that the game will be released in Japan on July 6. Those who preorder the game will also receive a special code that will allow players to unlock the Hot Scramble Gundam and a Gundam Versus theme.


The game will be released in two editions.  The first will be a standard edition and the second is the Premium G Sound Edition. The standard version of the game will be priced at 8,200 Yen, however the digital release will be at a temporary discount of 7,370 Yen until August 2.  The Premium G Sound Edition will be priced at 11,200 Yen and similar to the standard version, the digital release of the Premium G Sound Edition will be temporarily discounted at 10,080 Yen until August 2 as well.

The Premium G Sound Edition will include the following bonuses:

  • Track of 35 songs 
  • Product Code – Unlocks extra Mobile Suits earlier 


The current confirmed list of mobile suits that will be featured in the game include:

  • Gundam
  • Guncannon
  • Gouf
  • V Gundam
  • Wing Gundam Zero
  • Tallgeese
  • Unicorn Gundam
  • Shinanju
  • Exia
  • Kyrios
  • Barbatos
  • Full Armor Gundam
  • Kimaris Trooper
  • Psycho Zaku
  • Qubeley
  • Nemo
  • Turn X
  • Blitz Gundam
  • Gundam Throne Eins

Source: ANN, Gematsu


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