Gunpla Dojo: HGIBO 037 Gundam Vual Review

It is hammer time at the Gundam Dojo as I, the VisibleNinja, am about to take a look at a bad-ass new Gunpla. This Gunpla is based on the Gundam Vual from Iron-Blooded Orphans Gekko side-story. Now, at this time there is not an official distribution for manga, nor are there scan-lations for the manga. That means information I have on this suit is limited, ranging from official descriptions, and brief synopsis/summaries on the suit’s origin, as well as its pilot. What I can say without spoiling the review is that the Gundam, and the kit re-use parts from the Astaroth Origin. The reason for why the Vual uses the parts from Astaroth is also explained in the Manga’s story, as its a ploy to play mind-games with the Astaroth’s owner. Anyways, let us move on the video review at hand!

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