Welcome to the newest edition of Hero Club; an update that also commemorates our first anniversary! We launched Hero Club last year on Friday, June 17, 2016, and expected our growth would be a slow burn. However, it was not as slow as we thought it would be. We achieved several of our year one goals within six to eight months, which was very surprising. Hero Club managed to establish itself through its timely news on products and collectibles, as well as anime reveals. One of our first successes came in the form of Shin Godzilla coverage, but that was eventually topped by Soul of Chogokin Golion, and Daizyujin. Yet, that would be trumped by last year’s New York Comic Con. In addition, when Hero Club reported the confirmation of My Hero Academia Season 2, we did not expect it continue to run strong even as of today. Yet, news was not the only thing that brought Hero Club to the table, we also had our reviews, and exclusive content.


Our first exclusive series was Brian Benjamin’s (XBen3000) Cosplay Café, an editorial/ interview series with a variety of cosplayers. The next exclusive came in the form of Zeltrax Millennium, and his series Millennium’s Mind. The series caught a lot of attention upon its debut, where Zeltrax reviewed both Power Rangers Dino Charge, and its sequel Dino Super Charge. Other exclusives consist of our media based content such as our Podcasts, and Live-Shows. The acquisition of the Geek Fighters (Fighter Xaos, 16Bit Jeff, & newly added RRPG) brought us the Ikaricast Classic, and Xaos’ series, The Drop. Soon afterwards we then launched our YouTube Channel with our tokusatsu podcast, Los Ingobernables de Tokusatsu, which as of right now has 16-episodes. Furthermore, Anthony Michel (VisibleNinja) has begun a YouTube Live series called Ninja Talks Live which airs Mondays and Wednesdays at 9:00 PM EST. Mondays are Ninja Talks Live: Gundam for the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise and occasional other mecha anime titles. Whereas, Wednesdays are Ninja Talks Live: Tokusatsu, Hero Club’s second tokusatsu series. Yet, this is just the tip of the iceberg as Hero Club will soon add Soundout12’s Soundcast, and LIT’s Janitor Joker’s series, Toku Warriors to our library.


In addition, we can officially announce our partnership with CS Toys International. With this partnership one will see ads, banners, and occasional quick-links to easily order items at CS Toys’ online store. Also, our staff will be assisting the CS Toys Blog, and we are in talks to create cross promotions between our sites, channels, and shows. Along with the partnership with CS Toys International, we will soon have two new members joining our staff. The first is YouTuber, Ultraman Explained, who we recruited a few months and set his debut to be a part of this occasion. The next addition to the staff is in the form of a volunteer, Mike Maverick, and his videos featured on his YouTube Channel, Turnabout Entertainment. The final addition is anyone associated with Janitor Joker’s Toku Warriors, like Sentai Bandicoot who is also a guest host on Los Ingobernables de Tokusatsu! Our final announcement is that Hero Club will be introducing the CLUB REPORT, a state of address press release that releases every six months. Our audience can expect the first CLUB REPORT this December.


Lastly, we would like to thank our staff for everything they have contributed towards the site’s archive. Also, we want to thank our audience and fans for supporting the site, as well as sharing the content with others. Hero Club is only as good as it is through the combined efforts of its staff, and the viewership from our faithful audience. Together we accomplish many things, which permits us the ability to continue further. We have many more years in our future, and we hope that everyone will be a part of Hero Club’s growth. Together we are Hero Club, and it is 4-LIFE!

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