Hero Club Teams Up with Positive Charge!

Today, we are proud to announce that Hero Club is teaming up with the youth program, Positive Charge, to promote its various events and upcoming projects. The Positive Charge Youth Program is a group located in Baltimore, Maryland that seeks to educate young musicians and artists. Along with teaching how to create music and art, Positive Charge provides students the ability to learn the basics in film production and editing. In addition, Positive Charge provides itself as an outlet to be platform for of its students to promote themselves, and their work. Furthermore, the program focuses on students using their own imagination, or interests in things like comic books, anime/ manga, and professional-wrestling as the basis for their inspiration.


Positive Charge also consist of various sub-groups, and/ or factions similar to Hero Club. These groups work towards giving back to the community, or towards the program’s fundraising. Some of these events include art shows, concerts, pool parties, and other recreational activities. Recently, one of Positive Charge’s groups, Art on Fire, provided a street mural named the Liberty Mural to the Madonnari Art Festival. Below is a time lapse video that features members, DoctaToonz and Darrell Barber (B-Disciple) painting the Liberty Mural with additional behind-the-scenes like their thoughts working on this contribution.


Also, Positive Charge’s founder Darrell Barber (B-Disciple) informed us that he will be releasing his next mix-tape within the next week, or two. Mr. Barber describes that this mix-tape is going to be professional wrestling themed, paying homage to wrestling from the 80’s and early 90’s. For those interested in the upcoming album keep checking back here for future updates. Never the less, we thank Positive Charge for the opportunity in becoming one of their official outlets for their press releases and other promotions. In addition, we hope that our readers and fans will also look forward to the work from our new friends!


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