Kicking Off Year Three with the Road to PMC

Today, marks the second anniversary for Hero Club! It has been two amazing years that has featured several ups and downs. Our first year featured Hero Club using basic blog hosting with our domain; with that alone we were able to meet several of our earliest goals like obtain a high viewership. In addition, we acquired new friends and allies which we will talk about more in due time. Whereas our second year, we boosted our hosting and updated the site to its current appearance. Yet, we still plan to add more things to the overall design within the come months or by next year at the latest. One thing people can expect is Live-Stream Schedule to be featured on the site’s sidebar by hopefully Fall; it will feature the staff’s various live-streams on YouTube, Twitch, or, as well as some of our sponsors/ partners.


During our first few years Hero Club has brought on additional members to be apart of its full-time staff, or make guest appearances as a contributor. Hero Club first brought in tokusatsu blogger, Michael Mucha “Janitor Joker”, to co-host our original podcast, Los Ingobernables de Tokusatsu (LIT). Since his debut on LIT, Janitor Joker, has recruited some of his friends from his personal podcast, Toku Warriors, to be guests on the show. Hopefully one day Janitor Joker and his Toku Warriors will join Hero Club full-time. Following Joker came Power Rangers fan, Zeltrax Millennium, as a contributing columnist. Soon afterwards we acquired what some call our best asset, the revival of The Geek Fighters (Fighter xaos, 16Bit Jeff & RRPG). This trio of talent have done various things to expand both brands such as their yearly E3 coverage. Furthermore we are currently bringing in a few more new members later this year.


Besides our staff, Hero Club has incredible sponsors and partners that have been able to help our brand grow through investments, and viewership. The first one was CS Toys International which we reported on in last year’s anniversary coverage; they have been very supportive of us, as we have been able to constantly assist one another on projects. Hero Club also paired up with the youth organization and artists of Positive Charge. We have helped to spread awareness of their events and fundraisers that help benefit the people of Maryland. On occasion we also known to collaborate with the otaku blogger, UkiyaSeed otherwise known as Hero Club’s Bangai Hero, and the indie-tokusatsu producers of Garage Hero. In addition, we also are going be working together with some cosplayers to cross-promote both brands. Furthermore, for those interested in sponsoring Hero Club, or collaborating contact us at either Facebook, or Twitter.


Then as for our exclusive content, people can already tune into view shows like Los Ingobernables de Tokusatsu, Ninja Talks Live, and the Geek Fighters’ Let’s Plays, or read the interview series, Cosplay Café. However, this new year will feature new original content! First off, with it being the 25th Anniversary for Power Rangers we plan to feature editorials, reviews, podcasts, and other content on the franchise. This coverage will culminate and conclude with members of Hero Club’s staff attending Power Morphicon (PMC), where we hope to share the event with our audience; thus we coined the phrase “The Road to PMC,” as it is like the Road to Wrestlemania but with more spandex and campier storylines. Coverage of PMC will hopefully feature panels, interviews, and original skits! Then besides our “Road to PMC,” Hero Club will be releasing shorts and featurettes on facts, characters, etc from various programs. The first series in these shorts or featurettes will focus on the mobile suits from Mobile Suit Gundam, but will eventually expand to other anime series, as well as tokusatsu programs. Hero Club will also attempt to provide an all-new original podcast/ live-show exclusively on its Twitch page by Fall. Furthermore, members of the staff are possibly reviving some old podcasts like the Geek Fighters’ Ikaricast, and a wrestling podcast called WRW (Wrestling Recap Weekly or We Rule Wrestling)!


Now, that concludes our look back at Hero Club’s first few years, and the sneak-peak towards our future! We thank everyone involved with the site’s growth from our staff to our sponsors/ partners, and our audience. We hope that people will continue to support Hero Club, as we continue to provide news and awesome entertainment in the years to come. Also, feel free to search us out and say hello to us at Power Morphicon 2018 in Anaheim, California this August!

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