Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger May Scans *SPOILERS*

It is that time again for updates and scans from Televikun magazine on our favorite tokusatsu series! These scan are previews for the upcoming events in Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger. In addition, all scans pertain specifically to episodes that will air in May.


Please keep in mind these scans are consider as spoilers, so one should continue to read this article at his/her own discretion


The New Trigger Machine, Crane & Drill:

The Patrangers will be acquiring a new VS Vehicle, a Trigger Machine similar to the Lupinranger’ Scissors and Blade Dial Fighter. This two piece Trigger Machine is the Crane and Drill, which will allow Pat Kaiser to become Pat Kaiser Strong. Yet, unlike the Scissors and Blade Dial Fighter, Drill Crane do not give the Patrangers new weapons. However, it will allow the Patrangers to unleash an all-new attack when attached to the VS Changer.


Kogure & the Lupin Collection:

Kogure is the only person that knows the true purpose of the Lupin Collection. Kogure has amassed various pieces of the collection within the Lupin Collection Catalog. One can only wonder what will happen when all the pieces are brought together!


Putting Zamigo in His Place:

Zamigo Delma is a true threat, and one held in high regards by the Ganglers. Zamigo is able to summon an unlimited amount of guns from his safes, which he uses to freeze his victims and enemies. However, Zamigo’s goals are not the oly thing our heroes should worry about! Dogranio Yaboon will appear on the battlefield to prove to Zamigo he is the Gangler’s Boss by defeating the Patrangers as his example.


The Dual Warrior, Patren X/ LupinX:

Next month, the new mysterious dual warrior will appear! Who is Patren X/ Lupin X?!

Source: Heroshock, Specialform12


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