Kamen Rider Amazons Now Available on Amazon Prime US

Amazon has recently updated their stream catalog with the first season of Kamen Rider Amazons under the name Amazon Riders. Reported back late 2016, the series was set to stream on the platform alongside Ultraman Orb the Origin Saga. However, no other details were confirmed since that time; we at Hero Club, even used its delay as our 2017 April Fools Day joke. Yet, as of today the first season of the series is now available for streaming, and it is free for Amazon Prime Members.

Amazon US provided a synopsis for the series.

“Amazon Riders”, is based on the fourth production in the Kamen Rider series, focuses on Haruka and Jin: one tame, the other, wild. The show introduces us to these contrasting Amazon Riders. The mentalities of various characters inevitably draw the viewer deeper into the the mystery of this dramatic story.(C)2016 “Amazon Riders” Production Committee (C) Ishimori Production Inc. and Toei Company, Ltd.


Kamen Rider Amazons was originally an Amazon Prime Japan original series. The series ran for two seasons, and has a feature length film premiering on May 19th. Kamen Rider Amazons season 1 ran for 13 episodes from April 1st to June 24th, 2016. We expect that Kamen Rider Amazons season 2 will premiere on Amazon US in late 2018. However, that is still to be determined.


Source: Amazon US

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