Kamen Rider Build March Scans *SPOILERS*

It is that time again for updates and scans from Televikun magazine on our favorite tokusatsu series! These scan are previews for the upcoming events in Kamen Rider Build. In addition, all scans pertain specifically to episodes that will air in March.


Please keep in mind these scans are consider as spoilers, so one should continue to read this article at his/her own discretion


RabbitRabbit & TankTank Forms!

Kamen Rider Build soon will obtain the forms, RabbitRabbit and TankTank; to obtain these forms Sento will use the FullFull Bottle that he inserts into the Build Driver. Depending on the form the Build Driver will say either of these phrases, “The Crimson Speedy Jumper! RabbitRabbit! Yabeei! Heey!” or “The Steel Blue Warrior! TankTank! Yabeei! Heey!”


Kamen Rider Build RabbitRabbit Form has the ability to stretch his limbs and jump to amazing heights! Whereas, Kamen Rider Build TankTank From can either plow through enemies with his armor, and tank tread feet! Sento will also acquire the Full Bottle Buster which can hold up to four Full Bottles. When loaded the Full Bottle Buster can execute two finishers, the Full Full Match Break or the Ultimate Match Break. In addition, the Full Bottle Buster Cannon Mode is best compatible with TankTank Form.


Working With Grease & Battling the Hell Brothers

The Kamen Riders of Touto and Seito are currently forging an alliance! Yet, as they come together to battle an even greater cause, they soon find out their next opponents are the Hell Brothers. Furthermore, the Riders all realize a rematch with Kamen Rider Rouge is drawing near! Also, Misora will find herself being possessed by an unknown entity; could it be the Pandora Box itself?!


YouTube Web-series Conclusion

The last of the scans preview the conclusion to the YouTube spin-off where Sento uses his Hazard Form. However, this series is also leading towards Sento acquiring the Shark and Bike Full Bottles; these bottles will allow Sento to become Kamen Rider Build SharkBike.


Source: Specialform12Henshin Latinoamérica



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