Kamen Rider Build May Scans *Spoilers

Recently the new issue of Televikun magazine was released, and scans have surfaced online. Currently, we acquired the scans and translations focusing on Kamen Rider Build, which reveal details about the events that will be featured on the show in the month of May.


Please keep in mind this article contains spoilers so consider this as a warning.


First off, Mad Rogue will be debuting on the show next month. While his identity has not been revealed at this time, he will be using the power of the EvolDriver along with the power of Bat and Engine Full Bottles. He will also be using the Nebula Steam Gun and the Steam Blade as his main form of artillery.

Next, it has been revealed that Isurugi Souichi, as Kamen Rider Evol can access three different forms. The forms include:

  • Kamen Rider Evol Cobra Form: Cobra Evol Full Bottle, Rider Full Bottle
  • Kamen Rider Evol Rabbit Form: Rabbit Evol Full Bottle
  • Kamen Rider Evol Dragon Form: Dragon Evol Full Bottle

When Kamen Rider Evol becomes Kamen Rider Evol Rabbit Form he will summon and use the Drill Crusher and while he is in Kamen Rider Evol Dragon Form, he will use the Beat Closer. The reason Kamen Rider Evol is able to harness the other Riders’ power is because the Evol Driver came from Mars, and was the basis for the Build Driver.


Finally, Sento will use the power of the Kamen Rider Build KeyDragon Hazard Form and the KaizokuRessha Hazard Form to combat Kamen Rider Evol.

Source: Specialform12


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