Kamen Rider Build Story Synopsis Revealed

Recently new details for Kamen Rider Build have surfaced online, which reveals major plot details for the series.

The series will feature the main hero, Kamen Rider Build, who is a genius physicist.

As stated earlier the Build Driver will utilize two Full Bottles that are based on either animals or machines.  By using the best combination of Full Bottles, Kamen Rider Build will be able to initiate an hissatsu attack.  His base form will be using both the Rabbit and Tank bottles to become RabbitTank form.  His catchphrase will be, ” Well, let’s start the experiment.” 

The story begins with the Japanese archipelago being split into three sections by a huge wall called the “Sky Wall.” The wall is created by the mysterious object called the “Pandora Box,” which was discovered on Mars.  In the capital city of Toto, Saito & Kita were born. Saito & Kita are two unidentified living organisms called “smash” who drives humanity into chaos.  It is up to Kamen Rider Build to save the world from the “smash.”

Shogo Muto will be working on the screenplay and the series will be directed by Ryuta Tasaki.  Ryuta Tasaki is known for working as the main director for most of the Heisei rider shows, but also has worked as the main director for various other projects such as Gamera the Brave and the live-action Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon series in 2003.

Kamen Rider Build will debut on September 3 and the series will air every Sunday at 9 A.M. on TV Asahi.


Source: Natalie

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  1. garauga

    Tasaki. Ryuta Tasaki. why is everybody suddenly mis-spelling his name with a ‘z’? he’s been at this consistently since since 1987.

    1. Pak Hanu

      Translations keep picking it up with a “z” it seems but I will fix the article accordingly.

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