Kamen Rider Ex-Aid July Scans *SPOILERS*

Today, the new scans for the July issue of Televikun Magazine have been released online. The scans feature events for the upcoming episodes of Kyuranger, Ex-Aid, and Ultraman Geed! In addition, the scans also feature teasers to the upcoming summer movies. This post we will be presenting the Kamen Rider Ex-Aid portion, which focuses on Legacy Gamer Lv. 100, the identity of Kamen Rider Fuma, and Ex-Aid’s movie form!


Please keep in mind that scans do count as spoilers, so one should continue reading this article at his/her own discretion


Hiiro Hits Level 100!

July will finally mark the debut for Kamen Rider Brave Legacy Gamer Lvl 100! Hiiro acquires the power from the Taddle Legacy Gashat, which doubles his current power output. Now, as Kamen Rider Brave Legacy Gamer Lvl 100, Hiiro sets his sights on defeating Parad.

Furthermore, it seems that the end is near Kamen Rider Chronos! Emu is seeming invincible for Chronos, as well as he must face Kiriya who has turned against him.

Kamen Rider Fuma Unmasked!

As reported earlier, Kamen Rider Ex-Aid the Movie: True Ending features a new movie-exclusive Rider, Kamen Rider Fuma. Now, as of this issue Kamen Rider Fuma is revealed to be Kagenari Nagumo, who is from a rival gaming company called Machina Vision!

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid’s Movie Form

Emu will receive a new Gashat from Kuroto called the VRX Gashat to defeat Kagenari. With the VRX Gashat, Emu will be able to transform into Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Creator Gamer. In this form Emu, will be able to create new Game Items. In addition, the scans preview for the Premium Limited Advance Ticket DX Proto Mighty Gashat X Origin & Hercules Kyutama set which cinemas will begin to sell on July 8th.


Finally, this issue of Televikun previews our next Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider Build!

Source: HeroShock

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