Kamen Rider Ex-Aid June Scans *SPOILERS*

Earlier today, the new scans for the June issue of Televikun Magazine were released online. The scans feature events for the upcoming episodes of Kyuranger, Ex-Aid, and Ultraman Geed! In addition, the scans also feature teasers to the upcoming summer movies. First off, in this post we will be presenting the Kamen Rider Ex-Aid portion. The majority of these scans explain Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Muteki Gamer, the return of an old friend, and the movie!


Please keep in mind that scans do count as spoilers, so one should continue reading this article at his/her own discretion


Strongest form appears, Muteki Gamer!

Emu will receive the Hyper Muteki Gashat, which will allow him to become Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Muteki Gamer. Now, Ex-Aid is the strongest of the Riders, and is finally able to oppose Kamen Rider Chronus’ time abilities. Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Muteki Gamer’s final attack is none other than the HYPER CRITICAL SPARKING!

Kiriya Returns

We all knew it was a matter time until Kiriya returned to the series. Like Kuroto Dan, Kiriya will be resurrected with the Proto Gashats. Kiriya will stand alongside Masamune, and Hiro fighting as Kamen Rider Lazer Turbo Bike Gamer Lv. 0. In this form, Kiriya will use the Proto Shakariki Sports and Proto Jet Combat Gashats. Furthermore, the scans show he will be using the Gashacon Sparrow, but how he will obtain is still a mystery…

The True Ending

Early scans for the summer movie reveal a new character/Rider, Kamen Rider Fuma Ninja Gamer! Kamen Rider Fuma obtains his powers from the Hurricane Ninja Gashat, and will have his own minions, the Ninja Players.

Then to wrap up the scans is a teaser for Brave Lv. 100!

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