Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Summer Movie Details Revealed *Spoilers

Recently some new details about Kamen Rider Ex-Aid’s summer film have been revealed during this year’s press conference.

*Keep in mind this article contains spoilers so read at one’s discretion

The Summer film titled “, Kamen Rider Ex-Aid The Movie: True Ending,”  Emu will be receiving a new Gashat called the Mighty Creator VRX Gashat. By using the new Gashat he will be able to become Kamen Rider EX-Aid VRX Creator Gamer.  With this form, Emu will be able to create his own weapons.  The press conference also revealed that Sony collaborated with Toei to create the special version of the Playstation VR based on Ex-Aid colors.

The film will feature a team of ninjas led by Kamen Rider Fuma.  The ninjas appear from VR Space in order to destroy the real world.

Kamen Rider EX-Aid the Movie: True Ending will premiere in theaters on August 5.

Source: Ukiyaseed, SpecialForm12, Cinema Today



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