Killmonger Mini-Series Coming in December

Coming at you with some comic news today. We’ve learned that Erik Killmonger will be getting a mini-series that will start in December. The artist is Juan Ferreyra, known for his run on Green Arrow. Which if you haven’t seen his artwork, I highly recommend you do so. Just his art style works really well for superhero comics. Meanwhile writing this series is Bryan Edward Hill. While I’m not familiar with Hill’s work, I’m looking forward to seeing his take on this character who has shot up in popularity thanks to Ryan Coogler and Michael B Jordan.

To quote a bit of the Vulture interview where we’ve learned some details about the plot of this upcoming series.

I can say that the events of the stories for the most part begin with Erik graduating from MIT. Like all stories, it begins with him having a fork in the road in front of him. He’s a young man who could have a successful and peaceful life if he could just put away his desire for revenge. In this case he’s really focused on [villain Ulysses] Klaw and the men that took him from Wakanda, and also punishing Wakanda itself for its failures. We begin the story with him making that choice to step away from one potential future and step into another that speaks to more of his darker nature. For me, that’s what a tragedy is, really. Something isn’t tragic unless you can see a way that it could have worked out better.

I have to say reading that, I’m curious to see how this will play out. The fall of Erik Killmonger from reading this seems interesting enough to get me to buy the series. I’m hopeful fans of the movie will check out this comic. Given how it’s rare that fans of the movies crossover to the comic domain. Anyway, let us know what you think and I’ll talk to you later.

Source: Vulture

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