Kraken Releasings Updates GARO: Makai Senkyu

Since the initial licensing for the series, Kraken Releasings has referred to the second GARO series as Makai Senkyu. However, recently product information on the upcoming Blu-Ray releases shows that Kraken Releasings decided to forgo the re-brand and stick to the original name, Makai Senki. Some fans assume the change is due to the possible confusion with the word Senkyu, or general feedback from fans/ consumers. In addition, the official listing for the GARO TV 2 Collection 1 set features new updates towards the packaging and disc art. The physical content of this set has not changed nor its price, and is still scheduled to release in August.

Official Product Description:

In the war against the nightmarish creatures known as Horrors, Mankind’s most formidable line of defense has always been the power of the Makai Knights. But now, one by one, the Knights are being mystically marked for death by a mysterious magic user in a crimson mask. Even Kouga, the bearer of the golden GARO wolf armor, is among the afflicted, with the accursed mark slowly draining his strength, and making the use of his armor incredibly painful. Who is the Red Mask and how has he (or she) been able to target the Knights so effectively? All signs point to a betrayal from within their own ranks and now it’s up to Kouga, Rei, and the other Knights to track down their enemy while they’re still strong enough to defeat him in GARO: MAKAI SENKYU – COLLECTION 1! 


In addition, to the changes to the official title of the series and artwork for TV2 Collection 1, Kraken Releasing listed up Collection 2. GARO: Makai Senki Collection 2 will feature Japanese with English subtitles, and a run-time of 300 minutes (12 episodes).


Official Product Description:

The battle against the Horrors has always been stacked against the Makai Knights, and as the Red Mask continues to decimate their ranks, the roster of Knights who can still fight is dwindling rapidly. When even Kouga’s Mado Ring, Zaruba, is incapacitated, the Golden Knight is increasingly forced to rely on his closest friends and allies to help stem the tide. Then, in a shocking series of betrayals and double-crosses, the identity of the Red Mask is revealed, along with a plan to not just kill the Makai Knights, but to use them for a horrifying purpose! With his own powers fading and the souls of his comrades at stake, Kouga must strike one last deadly bargain to save mankind… and he may not survive the encounter in GARO: MAKAISENKI – COLLECTION 2!


GARO TV2 Collection 2 is set to release October 9, 2018; its retail price is $39.98, but Sentai Filmworks has it available for $25.99. Now, as stated before GARO: Makai Senki is the second GARO series which spans 25 episodes. The series originally aired on TV Tokyo from October 6, 2011 and March 22, 2012.


Source: Sentai Filmworks Official Store

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