Bandai Presents Kyuranger Transformation Course Special Episode

After months of being on hiatus, Bandai has final released a new episode of the Transformation Course series. This episode is technically episode 7, but is titled Special Episode due to the huge delay. Now, the Kyuranger Transformations Course Special Episode attempts to play catch-up with its preceding episodes, as it focuses on Houou Soldier, Koguma Skyblue and Ryucommander! Together the trio alongside Lucky talk about several of the events that have occurred since March. However, most of these events are told in reverse order from the newest to the oldest, with Ryucommander almost being left out. Just watch the video below, and maybe expect this to receive a fan-sub in the near future. Never the less, this may be the final Transformation Course, unless there is another Special Episode planned for when the Orion form appears…

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