Lupin III: Goodbye Partner TV Special Details Revealed

TMS Entertainment recently revealed some new details for the upcoming Lupin III: Goodbye Partner televised special. For those who are not aware Lupin III: Goodbye Partner is the 26th anime special of the franchise overall.

First, they revealed a new visual for the special.

Next, they revealed two new guest cast members, which include:

  • Junichi Suwabe: Roy Forest
  • Minako Kotobuki: Arisa

Thirdly, they revealed the premiere details for the special. Lupin III: Goodbye Partner will premiere as a part of the “Friday Roadshow” timeslot on NTV on January 25 at 9 PM JST- 10:54 PM JST.  The previous special titled, “Lupin III Italian Game,” will air on January 18 on the same timeslot.

ANN provided a short description of the special.

The new special will be the first “completely original” special in approximately six years, and will feature Lupin wearing a black jacket. The special will have a theme of “Jigen’s betrayal.” In the story, Jigen is after Lupin’s life, and Goemon cannot forgive a friend’s betrayal, and is enraged. The special will feature a showdown between Jigen (considered “the strongest rival ever”) and Lupin and Goemon.

Lastly, the staff for the special was announced.

The staff includes:

  • Jun Kawago: Director
  • Takehiko Hata: Script Writer
  • Hirotaka Marufuji: Character Designer/ Chief Animation Director
  • Yuju Ohno: Music Composer
  • TMS Entertainment: Production

Source: ANN, Comic Natalie

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